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Initial Meeting & Price proposal

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The aim of this meeting is to gather all the information about the project, including client’s needs and preferences, the plans for the rest of the team and constraints. 

  During this meeting, information about the budget, maintenance issues, overall design and the goals of the project would be all communicated with one of our experience lighting designers.

We would talk about the spaces to be going to lit, room finishes, building materials and style, architectural features, ceiling heights and plenum depth, sustainability, and energy efficiency.   


Price proposal


  In order to provide you a lighting design scheme or package, first, we need to get the architectural drawings. Then we can provide you different lighting design solutions perfectly tailored to your project.

When the initial evaluation is done, you would be provided with a quotation before we start the design development. Based on the scope of the project, fifty percent pre-payment would be required to start your lighting design process.


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